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The game is a work-in-progress, and is currently untitled.  It is, however, playable (but not finished).  Most of the playable game is incomplete, but functional.  Game mechanics have not been tuned yet.

If you accumulate more battery power than your opponent, or outlast them when they run out of power, you're the winner!

Current updates:

New game mode!  Collect batteries and try not to run out of power!

New visual effects and physics-based reactions.  Your character will 'run down' as power gets lower and lower, and change color.  Picking up batteries shows a visual 'electric arc'.  Running out of power will cause your character to 'ragdoll' and fall to the ground.

Improved menu system and a new 'arena' map (they will be updated as development proceeds).

Steam integration, for handling multiplayer sessions.

Known Issues:

Gameplay is currently limited to Steam-based Internet sessions.  LAN matches will be enabled in a later update.

Trying to join a session before the search has completed will cause a crash.  This is being investigated and will be repaired in a later update.  Workaround: wait for a count of fifteen before trying to join a session.

The game's physics still requires adjustment.  It's not a bug if you manage to kick a battery into the sky; it's just wonky physics.

Batteries have minimal visual effects when collected; I expect to be able to fix the problem in the next major update.

Current testing focus: Steam integration, gameplay, and general bug-squashing.

Install instructions

Download the 7zip file and extract it to a folder of your choice.  Double-click 'SteamProject.exe'.  Click 'host game' and enter a name, then click 'join' to enter the lobby.

The game currently requires at least two players; an offline single-player mode is planned for a future update.


SteamProject.7z 120 MB

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